Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kudos to Mumbai University !!!

The Mumbai University Degree

After 3yrs of cursing the MU for frivolous waste of time where in they tried to sell BCom to us as education or something like that, i finally feel proud and attached to my University for acknowledgement of someone important to me while handing over the graduation degree…

I have never felt such joy while receiving the CS Institute’s 3 degrees or certificates or the 2 from the CA Institute… In fact, none of them ever got a second look, leave alone an attempt to preserve them safely… Maybe, mom kept them somewhere later ?!

The MU mentions my name in the Degree as Sureka Mohit Mahesh Malti… Finally, the much deserved association of Mother’s name with the child, a privilege only given to Fathers whether in India or west ?! It has saddened me over the years that on every form, application, contract, deed, certificate, degree, acknowledgement only the father’s name is mentioned, as if a mother never held anything in one’s life… Not to mention my own pen name Crazymms… Moms have always been there to take care of things you need… The pampering you require, to calm you, to shout at you for not studying, to make the coffee at 1am, to make sure you get your food on time and off time too !!!

Some people recall Shakespeare’s line – What’s in the name ?? Sometimes everything is…

I can finally run upto my Mom and say:

Hey Mom look at my name on the degree, I am a Graduate !!!

Yes, she gleamed with pride, not only on the degree but on also seeing her name on it !!!


karishma said...

Aww this is really sweet
i wonder how many guys would actually be that considerate
anyway congrats :)

n keep visiting

sonal said...

hey mohit...dat is really a thinking person...ur previous comment says it all, a gal wld rather thnk dat way, but a guy to be so considerate is really nice...take care n keep writing..